Safety Precautions at Namo Residency

Your Safety and Comforts remains our highest priority

Namo Residency has taken all the necessary precautions in accordance with WHO and Government guidelines to ensure the safety of our customers.

Touch Points | lodges in Vijayawada

All the touchpoints in public areas like elevator buttons, Door handles, Chairs, Windows, Reception desk, Soaf’s, Taps, etc. are cleaned regularly using a disinfectant-SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE LIQUID.

Wash Hand | budget rooms in Vijayawada

Upon arriving, we insist Customers wash their hands using sanitizer, and spraying is done below footwear and luggage too.

Social Distancing | low price hotels in Vijayawada

To ensure the safety of our customers and staff in our hotel, we always insist on them to maintain a social distancing.

Spraying | Budget hotel near Vijayawada railway station

To make sure Hotel Sree Vasudev is a safer hotel in Vijayawada, frequent sanitization will be performed on the hotel premises

wear mask | lodges in Vijayawada near railway station

We instruct our staff to wear masks at all times and are trained to use sanitizer after every activity.

cloth | lodges in Vijayawada

All types of bedclothes, curtains, mats, pillow covers are washed frequently using Hot water and detergents, and 24×7 hot water is available for customer convenience.